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General Information
Age: 16
Religion: Ancien Catholique
Emigration: 19 December 1764
        Region: Bordeaux
        Place: Cayenne
    captain: Duler
    reason: Affaires
    shipname: Elephant de Bordeaux (L')
Part Avec Son Frere Jacques Age De 23 Ans Marchand De Bordeaux
Archive: Archives Départementales de Bordeaux

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Collection: Embarquements

This is a collection of immigrants leaving from Bordeaux between 1713 and 1787. They are organized in the series 6B under the call numbers 45 to 58. All travel applicants had to give an attestation of religion before being allowed to board the boat. At each departure the Admiral of Guyenne (an old French region) created, under the authority of the captain, a list of passengers with certain information about their identity and destination. Title of documents: Identity and Catholic certificates, passport submissions concerning the departed passengers from Bordeaux.

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