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General Information
Age: 23
Height: 1 76
Hair: Châtain
Eyes: Bleu
Face: Ovale
Nose: Bien
Chin: Rond
Passport Application: 8 August 1814
        Country: Portugal
        Place: Bordeaux
        Commune: Porto
        Place: Portugal Via L'Espagne
    Signature: Oui
Archive: Archives Départementales de Bordeaux

Archive Website

Collection: Passeports

Passports delivered in Gironde between 1800 and 1890. They are organized in the series 4M under the call numbers 677 to 780. These files, under the authority of the police, are in the format of a strong jurisdiction to deliver passports with a physical description and a destination. Title of documents: International passports.

fiche: 64
fichier: 4M692

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