Immigrant Details

John Fitzpatrick

General Information
Regiments: 88th Foot
Rank: Private
Foreign service: East 2 3/12; East Indies 6
Character: Very good; 4 Badges
Trade: Laborer
Height - feet: 5
Height - inches: 9
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel
Complexion: Fresh
Regimental surgeons report: Debilitas; The result of a contused would in the Dorsal Region from a fall while in the act of charging the enemy at Pandoo Nunddee near Cawnpore during Mutiny; In suddenly stooping down he finds some difficulty in rising up again
Permission to Emigrate: 8 December 1868
        Country: [Ireland]
        Parish: Eglis; Borrisokane
        County: Tipperary
Residing in Hobart Town Tasmania
Archive: The National Archives (UK)

Archive Website

Collection: Examination of Invalid Soldiers

Description: This collection is from the National Archives of England War Office records. This book is a list of invalid soldiers (most born in England) given permission to stay in particular colonies. It provides descriptions of the soldier, the amount of pension, birthplace, regiment, and injuries. The original documents also contain information on years of service at each rank, which in some cases has not been extracted. The records vary depending on the year when they were created. 1817-1875 with gaps.

Collection: WO 23

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