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Serafim da Costa Mendes

General Information
Gender: Male
Marital status: Solteiro
Age: 29 anos
Validity of passport: 60 dias
Parent Francisco Mendes
        City: Cerejeiras
        Country: [Portugal]
        County: Penela
        Civil Parish: Santa Eufemia
        Country: [Portugal]
    Born in: Quinta da Boiça
        City: Santos
        Country: [Brasil]
        State: [São Paulo]
    Port of Departure: Lisboa
Passport Issued: 7 April 1873
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Archive: Arquivo da Universidade de Coimbra

Archive Website

Collection: Governo Civil

These records are part of the Governo Civil record collection found in the Arquivo da Universidade de Coimbra under section Inspecção, Licenciamento, Fiscalização e Segurança, under Estante 5, Tabelas 3 through 5. The call numbers AUC/GCC/ILFS/E6/T3/140 through AUC/GCC/ILFS/E6/T5/228 represent the passport registers that contain data regarding those that requested emigration passports between 1835 and 1929. These books vary in form and layout; some of them contain one entry per page, while others contain 10 to 30 per page. Most entries provide personal information about the individual applying to emigrate and some information about any accompanying individuals.

Record Number: 1796
Call Number:145

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