Immigrant Details

Baltasar Fernandez Cué

General Information
Gender: Male
Edad: 23 años
Emigra: True
Profesión: Ingeniero mecánico
Brother Benigno Fernandez Cué
Father Benigno Fernandez Pola-Varela
Permission to Emigrate: 24 October 1901
Birth: (Not given)
        Country: [España]
        City: [México]
        Country: México
    razón para emigrar: Residir allí
        City: [Llanes]
        Municipality: [Llanes]
        Province: [Asturias]
        Region: [Asturias]
        Country: [España]
Archive: Archivo Histórico Municipal de Llanes

Archive Website

Collection: Expedientes de Embarque

This collection focuses on people who left Spain during the period of time between 1863 until 1908. The records available for these people include passport registers and application files, passenger contracts, shipping records and birth certificates. All of them are rich in genealogical information such as, names of parents, grandparents, godparents, dates of birth places of residence and birth. We can also know why they left Spain and where they went. Volunteers in several countries are extracting immigrant names and accompanying vital data that are added to a growing collection that will be a useful tool to both genealogists and historians.

Año: 1901
Caja / Legajo: 248
Nº de expediente: 56

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